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Patrick Junior

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The year was 2015, when a young thirteen-year-old talent with his own name Patrik Martínek, accompanied by his brother Mia, performed for the first time in front of thousands of people at the popular THE ONE FESTIVAL in Roudnice nad Labem, his premiere performance in front of so many people incredible.


It is little known that Patrick was a star before his first performance, thanks to collaborations with foreign DJs, he was also known abroad for his edits and mashup packages, which listened to and mainly downloaded thousands of people, of which a large percentage of foreign and local DJs.


When you combine his talent behind the counter, but also his talent to work at such a young age with foreign producers and DJs, you have to realize that nothing but a successful career could meet him. It didn't take long and the most visited and best EDM club in the Czech Republic called "RETRO MUSIC HALL" showed interest in Patrick and at the age of 13 he performed for the first time in front of the most demanding audience in the Czech Republic.


In the blink of an eye, he became the darling and benjamin of the audience, as well as his colleagues and employees, he got into the Retro Family within a few minutes of his performance. And that's how it all started. Patrick started to travel all over the country, visited many clubs in the Czech Republic and Moravia, such as Belmondo Club, Roxy Prague, Denoche Music Hall, Duplex, Fabric Ostrava, but also many festivals, which are .. Beats For Love, Máchač Festival, Air Festival, West Fest, Joy Melody Festival, The One Festival and many more…


After less than two years on stage, he became a huge part of Retro Music Hall, where he got his own night called YOUNG X CRAZY and then with his brother HEY BRO !, but also the opportunity to go as the only DJ from Retro Music Hall to Barcelona, where he performed in prestigious club SUTTON BARCELONA.


It must be said that the management of this club itself has shown interest in Patrick, thanks to a mention from the management of Retro Music Hall. The promoters, but also the owner of the club, were so enthralled by his performance that they offered him further cooperation on that fateful night.


A year later, he performed again in Barcelona, where he received a huge offer. Patrick performed at the Abroad Fest, where he played in front of the world legend Tiesto.


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