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Hasko (real name Jan Malík) is a producer and DJ from the Czech Republic currently working as a resident of the Brno club Tabarin and the Prague Retro Music Hall. It all started in 2010, when he discovered the music program FL Studio. The first releases came a few years later.


In 2016, he entered the production competition of the prestigious Mácháč festival, which he won and thus played on the main stage. A year later, he joined forces with the acclaimed Czech duo Matamar and produced the joint track "Oh Shit", which was performed at leading Czech festivals and clubs. In the meantime, he has released many tracks that have had success both in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is worth mentioning, for example, the bigroom track "Paladin", which has over half a million plays.


Nowadays, he specializes more in harder styles of dance music, such as his latest track called "Imagine".


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