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EP 01 (PRO NADACI KRTEK) records releases its first EP and the proceeds from the sale on our website will go to the KRTEK organization . It deals with the treatment of pediatric oncology patients. That is, children who have been diagnosed with a tumor or cancer .

This type of treatment is significantly more expensive than for adult patients and it needs to be adapted to everyone individually, and of course it costs money. That's why we decided to help them this Christmas.

The whole album will be available from December 15 only on our website for the price of 50 CZK (whoever wants to contribute more, can add more pieces of the album to the cart). For that price , you will exclusively get eight songs, which will be available for everyone else until December 22 on streaming services (Spotify, Apple, Youtube) and you will also contribute to a good cause. Of course, you will be able to buy the album after that, and the whole amount will still go to KRTK .

If you want to contribute directly, then there is nothing easier than looking at the KRTKA website and there you will find more information on how to help. And why the KRTEK Children's Oncology Endowment Fund ?

Every year, about 450 children are diagnosed in the Czech Republic who have a tumor or cancer, and half of them are treated in a Brno hospital, where Krtek helps. However, the treatment of a pediatric patient is not the same as that of an adult, but it needs to be adjusted, all after a thorough analysis of the patient.

However, this is one of the activities, at the moment when the patient recovers, it is necessary to continue to help him with convalescence and it is another part of the activities where the money goes. These main activities are divided into a total of three parts and you can find them all here .

Many thanks to the producers who waived their right to a fee for sick children. THANK YOU !!




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