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Daikee - Real name Dominik Dresler, starting as a bedroom producer in 2016, then focused on creating mashups and bootlegs, but later started creating his own songs, his first release '' Jumped '', which was more like playing with samples, then has released his first major release called '' Night Sky '' in the bigroom genre.


His groundbreaking song, called '' Memories '', which is in the style of future bass, has risen from zero to thousands of views in a matter of days. His further progress came when he released three songs under the German label 'Alrota Music', which received more than 20,000 views in a few days.


In 2020, however, he first got as a DJ at the Luna disco bar in Litoměřice, where he took new directions and had more than 20 performances alongside the most famous CZ / SK DJ's, including: Matamar, Mejsi, Deadly Groove, Stayer, Jean Luc, Richard Reynolds, Mio & Junior, Chris Davies, Mike Frost and many more ...


On September 4, 2020, he performed in the city of Hradec Králové in the Denoche music hall at an event called 'Project X' in front of more than a thousand people.


Today he is dedicated to production and cooperates with various producers from all over the Czech Republic.


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